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Dangerous Idiots

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How long would you let a slow-learning 5-year-old drive a forklift through your fine china store?

How long would you let the same slow-learning 5-year-old use a forklift to change the diapers of your infant?

That’s basically how the Constitution must feel when the American people will not call loudly enough to be heard as 3568 of our fellow countrymen are killed in a war doomed from the start, perpetuated by lies and borne out of greed. No protests. No riot in the streets. We impeached Clinton.

If I had been preparing to plan activist rallies I’d be prepared now, but I’ve been attending college, trying to make a life for myself and family in a world clouded by fear and hostility. I’d be better off than sitting here dumbfounded it’s gotten this far.

A bulleted list:

  • Where is the picture of Saddam and Osama, or some other tangible proof?
  • Where are the WMDs in Iraq?
  • Where is justice, precedence, and standard when upholding the law of this land and our Constitution?
  • Where are checks and balances?
  • Where is the separation of powers?
  • Where did habeas corpus go?
  • Where did the rule of law go?

I wonder what it would take to get rid of this megalomaniac and his puppetard?

Anyone have an idea of something you think would, without a doubt, get Cheney and Bush impeached? I’m stoopified.


Written by unastronaut

July 4, 2007 at 2:02 am

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