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Correcting Misinformation, part 1: Sentence-long sound clips

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I’ll probably have enough of this to keep me going for a long time, but this information is not court-worthy. Fox, MSNBC, CNN, ABC- they aren’t required to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth. They give you some information. They may evoke your knee-jerk response and then end the stream of information at that point. You can rest assured you’re never getting the whole story. If you look closely, there are plenty of signs:

One sentence sound clips. If you form an opinion on a single sentence, you should really hate everyone you ever meet, they’ve all said something. Seriously, if these statements were the only words in a day’s sermon, of course I’d leave that church. If you watch


you get the whole story, a better view of a guy much like someone you know, but the person you know isn’t one of the nation’s top biblical scholars. A former US Marine and Navy Corpsman. 17 minutes to the entire story.


I’d suggest two tips for getting better, more honest and accurate information during the 2008 election is to trust social news sites, they reflect what the people trust and find interesting, and on politics, it’s often different than what you’d find on the news. Even if it’s just seeing parodies and everyday Americans’ response to politics, it’s more informative than letting Hannity or Olbermann shape your opinion.

At least using the internet, you can watch a different topic, or see the words from the horse’s mouth. Barack Obama’s ‘A More Perfect Union’ speech, a 37-minute response to the coverage of an apparently “racist” and “unAmerican” pastor is fast approaching 4 million views. The speech the conservative pundits ignore when they assure us “he still hasn’t adequately addressed that issue.” I’m not saying Obama is the way to go for anyone, I’m saying network TV isn’t the place to shape that opinion.

  • Digg.com – My favorite social news site. Some information is mislabeled or not as well sourced as it should be, but then again neither is cable news.
  • YouTube.com – Search the candidates, the people you hear about being related to them, the comments made in context.
  • Ultimately, political decisions should always be made based on the information you have, I just fear for my country when every source I find (cable news, radio, newspapers) are having a partisan smear-fest and have no qualms about distorting facts because their viewer bases are generally loyal and don’t have wondering eyes. The internet should be your source of information, I’d suggest watching Big Brother instead.


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