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The thing about ‘What Would Jesus Do?’ Juan Williams doesn’t get

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In his April 4 (Martin Luther Kink, Jr Day) op-ed column on the Wall Street Journal’s online edition, Juan Williams seems to reveal who he thinks should be President. Himself. Juan Williams for President.

As the nation tries to recall the meaning of Martin Luther King today, Mr. Obama’s campaign has become a mirror reflecting where we are on race 40 years after the assassination. Mr. Obama’s success has moved forward the story of American race relations; King would have been thrilled with his political triumphs.

But when Barack Obama, arguably the best of this generation of black or white leaders, finds it easy to sit in Rev. Wright’s pews and nod along with wacky and bitterly divisive racial rhetoric, it does call his judgment into question. And it reveals a continuing crisis in racial leadership.

What would Jesus do? There is no question he would have left that church.

This philosophy student (since a philosophy Ph. D is where expert territory begins) knows that we all agree Jesus would have left that congregation. Are the parishioners ALL hate-filled racists? Should they all leave the church? Why aren’t they? Should we hate them? Again, Mr. Williams has not done enough research to a) see what Rev. Wright actually said or b) see what Jesus would actually do.

Also from the story, “Mr. Williams is a political analyst for National Public Radio and Fox News.” He has a bachelor’s degree in philosophy. Juan Williams masquerades as- political expert, biblical scholar, columnist…what else Mr. Williams? I’m not some distant, uneducated figure. I have a degree in political science and education. As a colleague, Mr. Williams, you’re wrong too often to be given a forum.


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