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Washington Post says: How Hillary Is Worse Than Cheney

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“Clinton’s lie was far more serious -and she hasn’t been criticized enough for it. If Cheney claimed he’d come under fire when he hadn’t, there’d be no end to the media’s relentlessness! To claim that you had to sprint to dodge bullets when you didn’t- we’re veering into pathological territory here, something far more serious than a faulty memory.”

This is absolutely ridiculous. Clinton’s lie didn’t send American soldiers to their death, Iraqi children to shoddy orphanages and boatloads of money into Halliburton, KVM and Blackwater’s pockets. I’d like to see Andres Martinez spend at least one minute per article on sourcing and accuracy. Way to go Washington Post, more garbage I can use to clean my BBQ grill.

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Written by unastronaut

April 4, 2008 at 9:03 pm

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