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6 useful websites I’m lovin’ lately

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Picnik: www.picnik.com

Free online photo editor replacement for everyday users. I started using this to stave off buying CS3. I haven’t even thought about saving up for Photoshop. I can get away with less, but for basic stuff Picnik is a godsend. Try it out today, you’ll thank me!

Google Location Search: www.google.com/m/lcb

Pure genius! Search for types of business (i.e., Restaurants – Mediterranean or Entertainment – Night Clubs) around an address. If you’ve ever asked “what’s near here?” this is the Google tool for you.

DropBoks: www.dropboks.com

1GB, simple and organized online ‘jump drive’. This may not be the best available, so a follow-up may come soon, but if you didn’t already know, there are plenty of online storage sites that are like having an online jump drive. Very useful.

Mailinator: www.mailinator.com

It says ‘let them eat spam!’ Have a site send an email to a fake address, get the info and avoid the spam. Just make up an address name like juandao@mailinator.net, then when you go to the site and check that mailbox and don’t have constant nagging from the sites that always force you to create an account, very useful at times.

Cl1p: www.cl1p.net

This internet clipboard is invaluable to me for times when I don’t have anything to upload but I need to get information or a code back-and-forth between computers. You can also upload a website and tell an IM buddy or text message someone where to find it. Just like Mailinator, just “make up” a website cl1p.net/madeupwebsite and it is created. Simple as that.

Kiva: www.kiva.org

Kiva is an incredible tool for eliminating poverty in underdeveloped nations. Microfinance loans have a 96% repayment rate, as opposed to collateral based loans with a repayment rate of 85%, they are also less risky. Loan as little as $25, and it cycles through 1-2 times a year…helping more with the same money.


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