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How is ‘warmonger’ a sensitive term to John McCain?

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My recent post on that Iraq veteran who introduced John McCain with ignorant chiding of Barack Obama made reading this article on CNN Political Ticker that much more interesting. In the same day, the McCain camp said Obama’s response/apology/required denunciation was not enough when fellow Senator and Obama supporter Jay Rockefeller called McCain a warmonger and Senator McCain himself laughs and warmly embraces his introducer who says “You can have your Tiger Woods, we have Senator McCain.”

A thought…

Reporter: President Bush has talked about our staying in Iraq for fifty years.

McCain: Make it a hundred.

Are we talking about the same person? Granted that quote was taken out of some context, but not much. At a time when he finishes a biography tour about his military life, where he tells stories of military glory. I wish someone would ask the Senator to imagine his life had we had no war in the twentieth century. Hypothetical scenarios generally aren’t worth it, but I am truly curious about what classifies Sen. Rockefeller’s statements as out of line?

I’ve admired and respected John McCain my entire adult life, but respecting someone and trusting them to lead my country are two different things. Despite his best efforts at spinning the story, all of his own indicators say he is running for a 3rd Bush term. His economic and foreign policy would almost mirror that of the Bush administration. He might be more of a stickler on pork-barrel spending, but I would just say:

  • 1) Some so-called pork-barrel spending sustains entire communities, much like an auto plant or factory and
  • 2) Barack Obama is in favor of transparency in government, which would help not only with pork-barrel spending and say… corruption of national security data to lie a nation to war, for example.
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    1. “bomb-bomb-bomb, bomb-bomb Iran”

      How can that possibly be construed as a “warmonger”? ;-)


      April 11, 2008 at 9:28 am

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