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I actually agree with Bill O’Reilly on something

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I think I remember most of the times I’ve fully agreed with Bill O’Reilly and his wish for a homogeneous society. Sometimes it happens, the man reveals he got his post by having some intelligence. I enjoy his interesting perspective when he stops pandering to his niche audience and speaks more of the truth. More often he is playing armchair quarterback on the way he would do other’s jobs. In a way that’s what I’m doing here, but I’m not a prominent anything using a national television show to tell judges, doctors and scientists how to do their jobs. I’m glad he did choose to address how a Vice President should do his job.

Think Progress has the video.

From transcript:

O’REILLY: When that question was put to Dick Cheney a couple weeks ago by an ABC News correspondent, he said so? Wasn’t that a bad answer?

ROVE: No, I think it was a different question that was put to him. The question was put to him, basically the implication, the question was shouldn’t you be making decisions based on what the polls tell you?

O’REILLY: No, no, no. The question, Mr. Rove, with all due respect to you, was here’s the polls. 66 percent don’t like Iraq. What do you think and he went so. Look, I don’t want to debate the issue about that. I’m saying that was bad PR by Dick Cheney.

ROVE: Well, there may have been a better answer to it. But the fundamental implication to the question was shouldn’t you be making decisions based on the latest poll run by our news organization.

O’REILLY: No, I would say no.

ROVE: Yes.

O’REILLY: But I think you can’t just dismiss the folks.

ROVE: Oh, no. And that’s right. Abraham Lincoln said, you know.

O’REILLY: I think Dick Cheney dismissed the folks with the “so” remark. You know, he was a wise guy, was he not?

ROVE: Well, I think he was not dismissing the folks. What I think he was dismissing was the direct implication. I question what that — you ought to be making decisions based on –

O’REILLY: All right.

ROVE: My news organization’s poll, which is –

O’REILLY: We see that a bit differently.

ROVE: Yes, sir.


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