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NEWS FLASH: YOU just gave $300 to JP Morgan Chase -Jason Kolb

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Jason Kolb has written a couple of my all-time favorite blog posts, if I actually kept track. His response to the JP Morgan Chase corporate pork buyout was dead-on. This is not a free market. This misconception that any spending by the government under a Democrat is wasteful and welfare and Republicans are automatically fiscally conservative is absurd.

President Reagan’s administration even raised taxes each of the last 7 years following a large cut the first year. At this rate, any of the candidates could come into the White House and crack down on just a few of the leaks in our public cashflow and lower taxes quite a bit. The problem is that our current war is not being funded by us, it is being funded by our children and grandchildren in the form of loans. A war on borrowed money, could you imagine such an evil plot?

We bail out banks like JP Morgan Chase, in 2001 we bailed out the airlines to the tune of $15 billion. Today we have some 9/11 first responders with major illnesses amidst health budget cuts. I’ve seen some great mom and pop businesses go under, where was the federal government then? I’m cool with businesses collapsing, creative destruction, I truly am. I just can’t stomach how uneven the playing field is at this point. The federal government shouldn’t be bailing any business out. Any bailout measures, for people or business should be carefully considered, but the problem with denying hardworking families and instead giving that money to corporations and banks is that you create people who truly have nothing left. As Bob Dylan said “when you’ve got nothin’, you’ve got nothin’ to lose.” Soon the same people will be complaining about crime and poverty.


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