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Ambassador Crocker, you remind me too much of Alberto Gonzales

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There are some things you seem to know about, and then there’s your job, which you clearly don’t have a clue about. You don’t have a clue of the minds of American people, who understand a 5-week cutoff doesn’t mean much when you’ve strung this war along for five years.

General Petraeus seems to understand much more about the conflict than he feels like he can share, at least that’s my read on him. He is a better balance, but the dual press conference and Senate committee interviews reveals just how rampant the cronyism has been running in our government.

We need a President who will appoint qualified, intelligent people to high profile and important positions in our government rather than his friends who have done him favors in the past. The next President has his/her work cut out for her/him. It’s like moving into a house you bought at a foreclosure auction and find the previous owner left an irresponsible amount of feces on the walls and stuck into the carpets. Only this would be the White House, and the only thing soiled is the Constitution.

I’m sorry but if you can’t even define “success” to the people who authorize your paycheck, you are not doing a good job. You are the American Ambassador to Iraq, not George Bush’s personal ambassador to Iraq. Start representing the people of this country and finding us a safe way out of that quagmire.


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