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An interesting MoveOn.org ad- 6 Months at a Time

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I found this ad over at Think Progress today, it was a very interesting spot, I watched it 3 times before commenting. I have admired and respected Senator McCain for a long time, but I simply cannot support him for President. This nation, and this earth need a resolution of peace. We need to get away from pre-emptive war as a line of thinking. 2009-2016 will be a time of healing and positive change for America, not for more bickering and partisanship while our economy and the fabric of our nation crumbles before us.

We the People, the first three words of our Constitution and thus, this entire country. We the People decided one day to form the most prosperous land on earth. We the People vote, and we will not let our nation be torn further apart. As true as President Lincoln’s words were in June 1858, they are today: a house divided against itself cannot stand.


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