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Criminals wear ski masks

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If you notice in any of the video of waterboarding taking place, you will see the soldiers are wearing ski masks, like the henchmen for a criminal outfit. Sure, the mob boss doesn’t wear a ski mask, but his enforcers do…that’s all I can think when I see this clear torture taking place. Get the information, just get more creative…torture and democracy don’t belong together.

Every American should know what their government is up to when it comes to torturing human beings. The beacon of democracy and freedom is tarnished when we violate our own basic principles and surrender habeas corpus and our civil liberties slowly erode. This is a unique time in American history and I don’t know if people realize this, we’re teetering on a brink. The Bush administration has bombarded us with scandal and corruption to the point where we become apathetic. We don’t realize subtle hypocrisies anymore, like Veterans Affairs hospitals not permitting any registration of veterans to vote nor helping them get to a place to register to vote. These are injured veterans, not people waiting for the wrong bus.


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