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Don’t politicize the Olympics, do something now!

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President Bush and I rarely agree, but I agree here and for the same reason as he stated in an interview with EWTN.

“…if I politicize the Olympic Games, will that make it less effective for me to deal with them, or more effective?” Bush said. Source

I agree with this rationale. I know it would be a great opportunity to “stick it to them”, but this isn’t diplomacy it’s a bully picking on a nerd in the lunchroom where everyone can see. We all know how that story ends, the nerd signs the bully’s paycheck in the future. It may even prove prophetic in this example, if we want to begin a dialog by publicly shunning one of our largest trade partners.

President Bush, instead, should be taking his hard line stance now, talking to Hu Jintao and providing a diplomatic example. The problem is, George W. Bush has no credibility anywhere, and couldn’t legitimately lead by example. As much as this makes me think we really do need to make some sort of protest, I just don’t think that economically, diplomatically and politically we have the clout to do anything but piss off our landlord.

Unfortunately, we’ll have to settle for rhetoric and the words of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama on the campaign trail. Angela Merkel, Chancellor of Germany is reported to be boycotting the Olympics, and it will be interesting to see how many nations take the opportunity to make a political statement. If we truly believe ourselves to be a world superpower, we must take the high road here and let nations with far less influence and less to lose just to make a statement that would be harder for China to swallow if it’s made symbolically.

Don’t boycott the Olympics, boycott Chinese products and stop borrowing from China to fund the war. That would be a good start.


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