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George Bush stole my generation

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Forget the 4,000 casualty mark, the $500 billion dollars spent, the absolute lack of progress. Consider the fact that 1 in 8 troops return with post-traumatic stress disorder. After 121 suicides in 2007 among active military personnel, we need to consider what we’re doing to an entire generation (without the draft, we still all seem to be affected or know someone who is affected by the war). As a student of history, this kind of abuse to the fabric of our society is how empires crumble, and the fact that China is funding our war doesn’t help at all.

I just can’t imagine any worse direction to be heading for America. We’ve sold our souls for business and rampant consumerism. Lead-based paint and tainted food aren’t enough to get people to wake up and exercise that little vote you have every time you hold a dollar. Everything purchased is a vote for that product, that company. We are all outraged when there’s something unsafe for our kids on the shelf, but so many people had the cheap Chinese products, I heard fewer parents saying they had nothing to worry about, they bought American products. We either have to realize another nation essential owns our mortgage, or we have to start doing some home improvement on our own.

I’m generally not one for activism to place major intrusions on my life, or have them become the only things I can talk about. Sometimes the little rewiring of your brain to look at where a product was made, finding a locally-owned market or farmer’s co-op or just finding ways to entertain your children without Thomas the Tank Engine and accompanying TV shows. If I can get my brain to operate slightly differently, it will stick. If I have to make a major effort to actually see results, I’ll likely quit trying. Everyone has a role to play and a voice to use.


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