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Michelle Malkin couldn’t last a year teaching in an inner-city high school

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I just caught Michelle Malkin on Fox News this morning talking about an East Texas girl who recently filed a false police report after classmates tore her class project apart. The class project in question? A protest sign. Ms. Malkin’s response? She thought the teacher was substituting activism with academics. I’d like to ask what on earth she thinks she’s ever accomplished in her life that qualifies to judge a class project from across the country based on reading news reports of an incident surrounding the project? Ms. Malkin could not last one year teaching any subject in an inner-city high school.

Her biography reveals she’s an author, blogger and mother. Motherhood is as close as she’ll ever get to teaching, but the challenges are more complex and the criticism is more direct (via people like Michelle Malkin). She should add teacher to that biography, or shut up and stop pretending to be an expert on something she cannot do herself. All I’m really asking is that she serve her country.

I also take issue with the idea of her criticism itself: patriotism is speaking out, getting involved, becoming active. A protest sign assignment isn’t a valid assignment for an 8th grade student? Protest is an integral freedom that makes America great, to act like it’s not academic to teach students about the 1st Amendment is ridiculous. Michelle Malkin: read the Constitution, teach in an inner-city and get a clue.


Taking a look at michellemalkin.com I notice she’s got a Suck It Up campaign going. Bumper stickers touting: “Want to fix the housing crisis? Suck. It. Up.” Now I don’t think the government owes a free home to anyone, but I think someone should aim this Suck It Up campaign at the banks and airlines and energy companies that avoid bankruptcy only through government bailouts. We each paid $300 to JP Morgan Chase essentially in this bailout/merger situation involving Bear Stearns and their inability to Suck It Up. They made stupid choices, took dumb risks and should have paid the price. Instead, the American taxpayer does. Ms. Malkin is a true hypocrite.

Anyone currently losing their home have this “Suck It Up” attitude? Anyone at all?


UPDATE: I just found a video of Michelle’s most embarrassing moment, where she essentially questions John Kerry’s service without having the nerve to back up her statements. She tries to insinuate that John Kerry shot himself on purpose to earn a Purple Heart in Vietnam. Constantly wanting that to be the direction of the discussion without ever making the accusation.


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  1. I’m giving you a standing ovation just for sticking up for the teachers who are trying to get kids to think!

    As far as the “Suck It Up” campaign goes, it’s the stupidest thing I ever heard. It’s like coming up with a new slogan to cure homelessness: Just Get a House! Absurd.


    April 10, 2008 at 5:56 am

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