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The internet- an election season godsend

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The internet is such a beautiful thing in so many ways. Researchers, journalists, tv addicts, bookworms, music junkies and even former Dungeons & Dragons groupies now spend more and more of their lives staring at the interactive glowing screen. The argument could be made that these aren’t all good things but I say anything that makes people happier, improves their quality of life and harms no one, should be judged.

One such way the internet truly enriches our lives is in politics, where the truth is always available to anyone who truly seeks it. It’s a step in the right direction, and not far from making our news media reflect the common interests and not the further dumbing-down of America. Candidates are catching on to the value technology adds to campaign. Each of the three remaining candidates for President have a site that looks like a near carbon-copy of the others’, changing only the colors and the issues.

Barack Obama has also gone above and beyond in this arena (not surprisingly), and has made available many .pdf documents that anyone interested in exactly how he’d manage our country could read. The best example is his Blueprint for Change, a 64-page booklet which is incredibly comprehensive without being a chore to read through. I would urge anyone who is undecided or feels like their sources may have not told the whole story, just check out each candidate’s own websites. All three of them. Read their ideas.

If you don’t have the time, take the poll at glassbooth.org, an incredibly easy candidate matcher. You can also just browse and check out quotes and video of candidates stance on particular issues. Vote with the candidate who best represents you, not necessarily the one who looks just like you.

  • Senator John McCain, R-AZ
  • Senator Hillary Clinton, D-NY
  • Senator Barack Obama, D-IL
  • YouTube YouChoose 08 – Raw speeches, less cutting, quickly updated
  • Digg the Candidates – see what the people notice
  • You can also troll the hundreds of blogs and newspapers and online news outlets for the latest information, but I find everything of import registers on Digg at some point (usually a week before the mainstream news picks it up) and YouTube holds the truth when I see a 30-second clip of something offensive on TV. It’s funny how 30-seconds can offend but 10 minutes can inspire.

    Most of all, the blogosphere makes things register on a level that the media nor the government could deny. It’s the anti-Big Brother, so to speak. We’ve got to protect it, but by nature it helps us accomplish that goal. Not to sound overly sentimental for a piece of technology, but I just want to make it clear that it’s far, far more than a series of tubes.


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