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Throwback: A relevant warning 1961-Present

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That’s funny, I don’t remember learning much about this in school. The YouTube generation and younger teachers really need to utilize the internet to its fullest. I’m passionate about education, even if I’m on a hiatus. I would like to continue to develop some lessons and ideas, so as that happens I’ll post the products here.

Check out the Military Industrial Complex in-depth, see today’s contracts, I’m sure there is some bullshit on that site, some over hyping or misrepresentations, but it’s not completely inaccurate, some of the contracts referenced here have popped up in the news. Like a licensed masseuse receiving a $300 million contract from the Pentagon to supply arms to police in Afghanistan. If 40% of the contracts there are accurate, it’s enough to make any American sick and furious at the same time.


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