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Bill O’Reilly’s pure paranoia and character revelation

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The rundown on News Hounds discusses how Bill O’Reilly spins the New York Times editorial on immigration and Sheriff Joe Arpaio into a media election conspiracy. He revealed who he wants to stay in power, and the storyline he wants to set for America.

The New York Times and the far left want to break down the white Christian male power structure.”
-Bill O’Reilly, Talking Points 04/09/08

The New York Times is a news organization. The reason you read so many negative stories about the current administration in there is because the current administration has failed us miserably. To argue they have utter bias and are ‘far left’ is ignorant in a time where the most extreme of right-wingers hold the White House. People wouldn’t have to push back so much if the government truly served the people and upheld the Constitution and not the pocketbooks of cronies.

There’s no doubt that whatever power structure is in control now should be broken down. This nation is a democracy not an oligarchy, Mr. O’Reilly. We’re not all white, we’re not all Christian, yo momma’s not male so stop trying to retain power in one group which itself is contrary to the Constitution and the beliefs upon which this nation was founded. It was founded by Christian men for religious freedom, not for a Christian nation. They believed in freedom of speech and of the press because they knew it would help balance the government, no matter who is at the helm. The founding fathers knew information would help a democracy progress, and that restricting information would be detrimental to our democracy. They’re not the ‘far-left’ Mr. O’Reilly, they’re the good citizens and patriots of America.


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