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CNN and the truth about Chicken Little in the media

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A great panel on CNN points out the fact that Barack Obama came from an extremely modest home and somehow becomes an elitist the moment he achieves some semblance of the American dream. This truly is about O’Reilly’s “Christian male power structure” and the added element of race, where comments and actions done almost exclusively by crusty old white men for over 150 years are now offensive coming from a Congressional minority. The problem is that the so-called minorities and multi-racial families are approaching the majority in this country. Our Congress simply does not represent us as a people. It’s not representative democracy, it’s representation by oligarchs. Incumbent re-election rate is around 98% and yet we’re supposed to believe they actually represent us? As this country changes, the political landscape has not. To call a child raised by a single parent and his grandparents an elitist is like calling George Bush’s speeches “eloquent and visionary”.

The anti-Obama people will have to make this the biggest issue for 3 weeks the same way they did with Reverend Wright, but informed and astute voters will ignore this kind of pissing contest. That isn’t to say “they’ll wise up and vote for Obama”, I just don’t believe this is a voting issue. When it comes down to it; the war, the economy and health care are the key voting issues. More people are annoyed that crap like this makes news and we still wonder exactly why and how our economy is going into recession. We wonder how exactly the media covers speech and words when we’ve paid $500 billion to a war and rebuilding effort in Iraq. That money would be useful in a rebuilding effort in the inner cities or middle America. New Orleans could still use some rebuilding efforts. Those are issues, these words people mince are just distractions.

The Obama Campaign has issued a semi-apology in that he regrets his wording and if it possibly offended anyone. Now, I acknowledge the fact that he’s simply saying his wording offended people, but again I point back to what you see in the CNN clip, or on the blogs. Many people acknowledge that what he said was a harshly-worded truth but many Republicans as Chris Cillizza rightly points out are fixated on this as the “new Jeremiah Wright”.

Hillary is responding to this as well, and sounding oddly just like John McCain on the subject. She quotes a phrase and delivers a talking point on this relating directly to the crowd in Valparaiso, Indiana. She is the embodiment of what Republicans are talking about with big spending and big government. She said to bridge the socio-economic divide we must “roll up our sleeves” and get things done. By getting things done she means more regulation, more bureaucracy and more taxes. At least John McCain doesn’t want to spend more money. Hillary Clinton would be better for our country than John McCain in my opinion, but Barack Obama is a once in a lifetime opportunity to have a leader who truly does try to listen to the people. To work toward a more perfect Union. His background in community organizing will be valuable in the White House, especially after 8 years of the deaf Bush administration.

Hillary Clinton just had the audacity to directly plagiarize Obama’s unity lines: we’re not on labor teams, and management teams, and Democrat teams and Republican teams, we’re all on the American team. It’s not a big deal, but the same people who blow up little things Barack Obama says are going to directly ignore this example of her hypocrisy. She’s stuck in the old politics that will be forced out by a more free media, saying “America needs a President who doesn’t look down at them”. A person who has worked on the street to organize and repair communities affected by the mass-layoffs.

She’s the ad-hominem candidate. If you want to hate back at the Bush administration, get a chance to try them for war crimes, lash out at idealists who are now swelling to the polls and donating in record numbers or simply want to criticize syntax and semantics that’s fine, vote for Hillary Clinton in the remaining states. I simply believe in Barack Obama if you want a president who won’t divide the country the way the last name Clinton does, or McCain now that it’s nearly synonymous with Bush on some major voting issues.

I have made a decision on this election. That isn’t to say I’ve stopped paying attention or that I will apologize. I’ve called everything like I saw it, I just saw more of the attacks against Obama as petty. Polls show 13% of the population still thinks he’s Muslim. This is absurd, after he’s been barraged with press over a 20-second sound bite of his Christian pastor that Fox News (and the rest, for a shorter time) repeated for 3 weeks straight . Misinformation is truly everywhere. For once I have a chance to not vote for the “lesser of two evils”, but someone I think has potential to be a great president.

After being bullied and pushed around for 8 years by the neo-cons, an extreme right-wing portion of the Republican party, many will be eager to work with a uniting force in the White House. There are so many issues, and those who don’t lose their seats in November will be well on their way in 2010 if they don’t show some distance between their service and the tactics of the Bush administration. There are countless examples of cronies getting jobs above their abilities, dissenters being fired, reports being pre-screened by the White House and the suspension of habeas corpus where everyday Republicans do have a better conscience and would take the opportunity to work with Barack Obama. Arguments he is not willing to work across the aisle are false.


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  2. I am continually amazed by candidates like Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton who dwell on what is wrong with America and rarely offer a viewpoint on what is right with America. Do they really hope to become president by bemoaning how miserable life is in this country and will remain until they can bring 100% government control to the situation? Apparently they do.

    When will the Democrat party learn that the American public by and large want a president who wants to lift up America and not tear it down?

    Whether old Democrat ideals of new Democrat ideals the underlying message is always the same: MISERY of the people, by the people, and especially for the people. No thanks!


    April 13, 2008 at 10:52 pm

  3. Wait? You want our government to tell us what is right with America and stop worrying about what is wrong with it? Do you know how stupid that sounds?

    The only Democrat ideals voters are upholding are not to fight unjust wars of aggression, to get a better reign on our economy and to protect civil liberties instead of trampling them. It’s funny how the stupid propaganda rhetoric assumes Democrats waste money and expand the size of government, but none of those party-line morons will acknowledge the fact that this administration has been far worse than any bad Democrat in history.


    April 13, 2008 at 11:27 pm

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