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Finances of the candidates

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Barack Obama is worth $1.3 million. This compared to John McCain’s $40 million and Hillary Clinton’s $35 million, looks pretty meager. This was before Sen. Clinton released her tax records which reflected nearly $110 million in income, but still very interesting. It’s hard to call it elitism when you’ve never touched poor. It’s and interesting slice of each of the candidates, check it out:

The candidates who have dropped out also make for an interesting read. These kinds of stories give us a better idea of what kind of walk our candidates walk, as they are out on the trail talking their talk. If you had $30-40 million, what would you do with it? Would you give to charity? Would you invest it all? Maybe a combination? Especially for candidates know they will be in the public eye.

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  1. […] Read about the candidates’ finances here. […]

  2. […] Read about the candidates’ finances here. […]

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