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I don’t know why I’m even surprised by Fox News anymore

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The weekend edition of Fox & Friends bills Obama’s statements in San Francisco about rural America as “Barack Obama attacks some voters and how John McCain and Hillary Clinton tell him to ‘back off!'” It’s repulsive to think these people have credibility with anyone in this country. I am sure a large portion of their viewers are aware of their extreme and unabashed bias. The individuals seem to care about reporting news, but the management and editorial discretion is atrocious. From the top down, this organization is a political one. It is not a reputable news organization.

Fox regularly attacks reputable news sources like the New York Times, Washington Post and even credible blogosphere buzz sites like ThinkProgress and DailyKos but their own reporting lacks any real news, merely analysis lasting weeks centering on a single 20-second clip. At least I’ve never seen the same story absolutely beaten into the ground without any new facts surfacing on the DailyKos, when a story keeps going there, that means more is breaking with the story. Watching the blogs and waiting a few days for a story to be dispelled or validated is a more effective news source than watching Fox News 24/7, unless you just want someone to pander to Sen. McCain and be apologists for the Bush administration.

Of course they are saying this could jeopardize his campaign, but media outlets and pollsters don’t know what the American voter does. The truth hurts sometimes. As Juan Williams recently pointed out, these comments are true and actually go to the fear preyed upon by Republicans. I don’t understand how telling the truth about people could ever be such a devastating thing to a campaign. Americans are bitter, we loathe the powerful elites who ask us one-two questions a year: How much are you paying us in taxes? What rights could you live without?

One of the weekend anchors did point out that this is the first time we’ve heard anything actually controversial come out of Barack Obama’s mouth, everything prior was made through a surrogate. it’s nice to know they report some of the truth. Just enough to let you think they are “Fair and Balanced”? Yeah right!

I guess I should temper my expectations with a network that just called Miley Cyrus a singer/songwriter. She did make $18.2 million last year on concerts, merchandising and her TV show, but songwriter? Like that singer/songwriter Britney Spears, what ever happened to her?


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