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Iraq is overpaying the government and bureaucracy on our dime

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I’m the last guy to give you the generic “gas prices are so high” gripe. There is much more to that story than simply corporations gouging prices on a necessary commodity. Supply and demand explain nearly all of the price increase in oil and gas prices. Simply put, a large population is now getting more modernized, they are driving cars at higher rates. More people want gas, so prices go up. Supply won’t fluctuate much, unless we drill more in ANWR.

Having said that, the Iraq War and the no-bid contracts mixed with this profiteering both by Dick Cheney’s former company in Halliburton and by the new bureaucracy created by the US in Iraq. This story makes me sick. I don’t understand how the future generations of Americans are going to foot the bill for reconstruction in Iraq when they are making huge revenues from oil. The problem is the puppet-state we’ve created, and the government we barely elected twice against weak Democratic candidates. Now maybe if we had the Iraq War go on The Colbert Report maybe it would pay for itself through donations.


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