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Is this the anti-Obama crowd? Fueled by politics or emotions?

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I just read the most angry and bitter blog today, apparently a response to some of the comments Senator Obama made in Pennsylvania. Like I said, they were dumb statements, but I can’t imagine Barack Obama is anywhere near the season’s lead for dumb statements, next to Hillary Clinton or John McCain. I would concur that Hillary Clinton would be a good president, possibly even great. I am not convinced she actually has the same economic bearing as her husband, but I’m not convinced he won’t be valuable in the White House. I just know that half of this country basically hates her, as evidenced by her high negatives.

This poster simply makes him or herself sound ignorant in the process. They’ve somehow extrapolated a novel out of a few lines of a conversation from earlier on the campaign trail. Taking a glimpse at the tags reveals the level of education and judgment the poster exercises.

Obama may have finally killed his campaign. I hope so. I genuinely think Hillary would be better for the country than Obama, who is starting to really sound like a fucking asshole. All this Messiah shit has gone to his head in a big way.

1) I’m going out on a limb to say you haven’t seen Senator Obama speak in person? If you have, did he give you this condescending attitude? Anyone have this experience?

2) Nobody has dubbed Senator Obama a Messiah in any way. Maybe some biased elements of the media have tried to paint the picture as though he and his supporters were some sort of group of jaded followers as if he were a rock star, or that they were the educated elitist far-left… Which is it? They are two distinct groups. You are talking about your teachers, your medical community, many journalists, researchers and university personnel; also your labor workers and service industry workers. This isn’t some group of stupid people following a herd, they are awake, and not responding to spin and propaganda.

I have a problem not seeing his base as an extremely broad swath of the American people. He has mobilized the youth vote and brought it into the mainstream election efforts, something we haven’t seen to this degree in the history of American politics. Past efforts to rally the youth vote have not been near as effective as giving everyone, youth or life-long worker an equal opportunity to participate, donate, campaign, make phone calls and spread the word. He’s also collected money from smaller donors, which not only tells me he’s collecting from people like me, but that A LOT of people like me have contributed to his campaign. That gives me hope for a government more “of the people, for the people and by the people.”

To act like people who get bitter and ignorant don’t cling tightly to traditions unknown and misunderstood is not an acceptable observation is in itself stunning to me. Tradition is not always a good thing, and though religion has brought many people inner peace and happiness, its mark on the world has been far different. Guns are a great part of American tradition and the 2nd Amendment should be protected at all costs, but it comes with a bill of 9 other rights, equally as important. Antipathy for others? Seriously, I hear a lot of people tell jokes about trailer parks who have never actually lived in one. I hear more racist jokes in the more vanilla neighborhoods I visit than in the diverse communities. I’m not sure how exactly the poster was trying to spin that one, but yes…bitterness over jobs being shipped overseas can create anti-other sentiments. It’s absolutely foolish to think otherwise.


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  1. We do allow comments. Learn to read. Its in all CAPS in the right hand column.

    I’m far from alone in thinking Obama just shot his own campaign in the ass. As Tom Maguire says, this ices the Wright cake.

    Explaining that rednecks in flyover country are too stupid to know what really ails them, so they “cling” to guns and religion while hating immigrants and minorities, and that’s why they are too damn dumb to know what’s good for them and vote for Obama. Yeah, I’d call that condescending. I don’t care how inspiring his oratory is. Oratory is crap. You don’t govern by oratory. Lincoln was a great orator, and he got things done. Kennedy was a great orator, and he didn’t accomplish jack shit except to start the Vietnam War, abandon Cuban nationalists to their deaths in the Bay of Pigs, almost get us into nuclear war with the USSR and get himself shot in the head.

    Oh, and he got more tail than a toilet seat in the process. But that didn’t make him a great president.

    Grow up. I think a few cuss words got your underoos all bunched up and you missed the greater point: Obama is a sanctimonious, preening prick, and witness Mssrs. Gore and Kerry for what America thinks of electing stuck up sticky beaks.

    They don’t.


    April 12, 2008 at 4:13 am

  2. THis is the crowd who continually talk about Rev. Wright and louis farrakhan as if they’re his campaign managers. They still call him a “muslim” to simply keep spreading that rumor so people only hear that. They’ll twist anything into a negative, cause they want the keep the White House white.


    April 12, 2008 at 8:35 am

  3. Haha, allowing comments? All caps? I see your comment, it’s a signup for a forum board, and it is in all caps, and tiny font.

    Cuss words didn’t get me upset, ignorance did, and you prove your own with each post and comment.


    April 12, 2008 at 11:39 am

  4. I can hear you saying that in real life, with a whiny little voice “its in a tiny font”. Read your fucking post above:

    “I would concur that Hillary Clinton would be a good president, possibly even great. I am not convinced she actually has the same economic bearing as her husband, but I’m not convinced he won’t be valuable in the White House. I just know that half of this country basically hates her, as evidenced by her high negatives.”

    If you can’t hear how stilted and jellyfish limp, while at the same time grating, that paragraph is, you’re doomed to write your little vanity blog with 20 hits a week for your jerk circle of like minded panty-waists. Instead of criticizing my jeremiads and getting all flustered and faint over a strong style of writing, examine your own and try to say something instead of being such a dishwater dull moralizer. We got 25k hits one day last October on a _single post_, written in our own inimitable style, so we’re doing just fine, thanks. People want unique and forceful opinions, because its interesting. Nothing in your post above is in the least bit forceful nor interesting, its a stultifyingly dull apologia for someone with your identical world-view, which may explain why you are incapable of rising beyond mild flutterings of the hands instead of writing a nice, bloody rodomontade now and then. It would do you good, and someone might actually want to read your blog.

    here we are for this month, from the server stats, blog, site and forum:
    Saturday Apr 12, 2008
    Summary: Total page hits: 858,629
    Total Bytes Sent: 26,871,964,055
    Number of Pages summarized: 6987
    Number of days spanned: 22

    we don’t do badly for such ignorant rubes. So go ahead, loosen your corset and rip me a new asshole, don’t mince around sniffing how uncouth we are like some nancy boy afraid of getting his new pinafore soiled. Get down and dirty and put some guts in your writing. And get a new header image, that one you have is a waste of space, what does it say about your blog? Nothing.

    Here’s a cool retro one I created for Cadillac Tight.

    And above all, butch up, Mary.


    April 12, 2008 at 5:07 pm

  5. I like the headers. Mine is still what I like for now, but I may consider switching if you are offering.

    I’m just reading about your group, so I don’t know if the banter has been with one person or many, but I’m sure you don’t all share the exact same views. It’s cool that you have lots of hits but I’m really just trying to keep up with the news.


    April 12, 2008 at 5:57 pm

  6. heh yeah its a group blog
    I just threw those together as some ideas, you can use them or not, or I would be glad to work on something with you

    know that some of the writers of the blog are a bit over the top but a lot if not all of that is tongue in cheek, I know, I live with one of them :)

    These were just an idea, looking at your blog and reading your posts and the name of your blog, it was like an astronaut that explored inwardly, instead of outwardly, the UN astronaut, so I looked for something otherworldly but emotive, and the kelly freas painting struck me immediately as a good start. I swiped the planet off another ofhis with a wizard astronaut, kind of an anti astronaut, but he wouldn’t work graphically, but the planet was interesting looking and added something. However, I like the wide open space of the first one, I am big on space and not crowding (I didn’t do our header! its too busy imho) I did the cadillac tight one and this one for a ipodder:

    anyway if you like them feel free to use them, or I can change them, the font, the layout etc or use another image or logo idea if you want me to, I love that stuff! :D

    here they are again:
    Here’s a couple ideas, maybe not your style, but I happen to like retro, like this one
    my own self. These are based on 2 Kelly Freas works with a 1950’s Planet N font. They seem to have some resonance to them.


    not everyone is so angry and bitter affiliated with the dw :D


    April 13, 2008 at 12:56 am

  7. dang server problems, here is the original story illustration, plus my psd version and even the queen album version if you want to mess with it yourself



    April 13, 2008 at 1:16 am

  8. I really like some of the ideas, nothing seems quite perfect yet. I’m thinking maybe it’s just the font on my current Munch header.


    April 13, 2008 at 1:30 am

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