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Juan Williams analysis of Obama’s ‘guns and religion’ statement was the most fair on Fox

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Last night’s O’Reilly Factor (04/11/08) was hosted by Laura Ingraham since Bill had the night off, but the show still had some interesting pieces. Just keep in mind interesting isn’t a moral distinction. When it looks like a train wreck, no doubt they will be all over it. However, the latest train wreck is the polygamist compound raided and hundreds of children freed from virtual sexual slavery. It’s not interesting in a warm and fuzzy way, but ever since I heard what was going on in Colorado City, I perk up when I hear about a cult or polygamist sect. Sometimes Fox News can inform, you’d think they would be the ones covering the business masquerading as a religion in the Church of Scientology. I wonder if Greta van Susteren’s membership in the church has anything to do with their portion of that media shortcoming?

Tonight again, Fox had to run their “what’s wrong with the Democrats, what’s good about McCain” segments, tonight Obama’s “guns and religion” comment was the subject of discussion. Juan Williams was spot on even in the midst of Ingraham’s list of reasons to bury your head in the sand. In this case, I agree with Juan Williams that there is truth to Obama’s remarks(here). He even said the Republicans play on that fear people in the bible belt and rural areas have of others, and their love of their religion. It’s called the religious Right, which is increasingly becoming more mixed and less conservative. They still work to protect the family and build community, but many are not buying into the Focus on the Family garbage of old.

They also had an interesting segment with Medea Benjamin of Code Pink, an anti-war mother’s group and Lt. Pete Hegseth, executive director of Vets for Freedom. As much as I admire and respect the sacrifices of ALL of our men in uniform, no matter what where or when they served or are currently serving, this Lieutenant’s brushing-off of a legitimate concern, that the majority of American people do not support continued presence in Iraq. This opposition to the war is not a new thing, as nearly that much wanted all combat troops out by the end of 2008 according to a February 2007 USA Today poll.

This is the way our administration feels about the opinion of the majority, so long as the minority we’re talking about is the “Christian male power structure”. And this representative of Vets for Freedom seems to offer the same brush-off. I know the soldiers should keep their eyes on the ball, but the people are watching this all unfold, and much like John Ashcroft on the conversations leading to some absolutely inhumane and immoral treatment during this war, we’re saying “history will not judge this kindly“.

My favorite analysis of this issue has come from the DailyKos and wmtriallawyer who dared to look up elitist in a dictionary. Check it out here.


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