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Moderate isn’t just a word to attach to your dumb ideas

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So I just received my harsh backlash from docweasel, an incredibly insightful and thoughtful group of anonymous bloggers covering current events with a real world view. Basically they take current events and dumb them down with ignorance. It’s the redneck, gun-toting, bible-thumping, others-hating viewpoint they’re bending over backward to defend. Their pen streams forth with a ray of light. Or with a collection of mindless comics.

Detect this: do I come over to [his] blog and slap the dick out of your Mom’s mouth and tell her how to do her job? Well, yeah, I do, and wipe it off on your little sister’s teddy bear when I’m done, but that’s beside the point.

The entire post is essentially a diatribe of anger and the bitterness a politician recently scratched the surface on. The poster tries to make a few points, like Maguire’s assumption that this ices the Wright cake. This doesn’t ice anything. Reverend Wright is more of a patriot than George W. Bush or Dick Cheney and their multiple deferments by any measure. The post implies the original article, which I responded to, was moderate. What nonsense! This pathetic little cartoonist kid has no view of anything on a political spectrum yet claims to be moderate? You should grab a real book, one without pictures and learn something.

And my original point is made more clear- “Is this typical of the anti-Obama crowd?”

Well, looking at the tags, what level of education was revealed to you, sporty? Since you are about as condescending and fatuous as your boyfriend Obama, I take it you think I flunked out of 4th grade as evidenced by the high negatives I accrued carving “I’m convinced your mom has the same economic bearing as my 10 inch uncircumsized cock” into my teacher’s forehead with a switchblade before stuffing the aforementioned cock down her throat and nearly choking her with the pint of chunky spooge I customarily ejaculate on a slow day.

It’s funny how the education question really is never answered, unless you count the revelation that it was a pre-pubescent teenage based on the word choice. I’m not offended by a 14-year-old’s temper tantrum, it only makes my case. The faux history lesson at the end was priceless as well. First they repeat the agreeably stupid statement by Senator Obama, then he essentially proves it correct. At least the part about clinging to “antipathy for others” rings true in every moronic sentence of both of these posts. They apparently know all about Lincoln and Kennedy, of course because that’s standard cartoonist reading. I’m sure they have intensive studies of history and politics in art school, or middle school.

It’s interesting how they comment on ‘cocked, locked and ready to rock’ in an assumed effort to talk crap on my tag line. They didn’t indicate any understanding at all for where that phrase comes from, which kind of makes me wonder what this loser would define as service to his country. Oh yeah, and being able to read and having open comments from anyone on WordPress are two different things. Your comments are closed without signup. I’m not signing up on your stupid forum just to tell you’re a moron. I do think the comic book cover they made was kind of clever, as a substitute for intelligence I suppose.


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