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CBS’ Moonves gets a 28% raise as Katie Couric pushed out and ratings, ad sales drop

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The network CEO received $36.8 million last year, including an $18.5-million cash bonus.

It’s always easy to gripe about the boss, and seemingly easier to pass off the concerns of the common man when the real wealth is on the table. I’ve argued for a long time that we shouldn’t have the disgusting 300 to 1 scale for the hourly wages of an executive versus a labor worker. It’s not like it would spur creativity to limit the top end of what people can make. Not to a ridiculous extent, but this story is a prime example of a CEO being overpaid and not having any effect. Leslie Moonves will never have to come to grips with the fact that what he did moved kids out of colleges and back home to work. He’s got too much money to need a soul. What he, and many (but not all) of his contemporaries, have done by gouging the worker in a time of desperate need.

Americans must work longer hours just to get by with rising gas and food prices and a weak economy. The corporate greed that has become synonymous with “the American way” is sickening. Our leaders stand by doing absolutely nothing after their past actions included entrenching us in an unjust war and deregulating the bank industry in favor of the CEOs of major banking and financial institutions over the American people. It is now harder for Americans to declare bankruptcy and very much easier to get into the position of needing to file for bankruptcy (from health care costs, foreclosure, natural disaster when none of our troops are available for rescue and restore efforts).

We need a president with a strong code of ethics just like we need CEOs and business leaders with a strong code of ethics, or we will be easily manipulated and led into wars or corrupt financial decisions. I am always surprised with how little feedback is heard when the business elite are given ridiculous salaries or bonuses, like Michael Crow at Arizona State University who receives a $600,000 bonus for staying for his entire contract. At Target, CEO Robert Ulrich’s pay increased by ten percent to $20 million even as sales were down.

I’m not at all saying the CEO should make the same amount as the stocker at Target. I just believe there is something wrong with a raise when revenues are down, and going from $12 million to $20 million when most Americans can’t keep up with inflation is actually pathetic. It shows something of your soul when this is the world you choose to create. Some people are given extraordinary power and do absolutely nothing positive with it. Others possess such power and end up a wash, and very few become Gandhi, Dr. King or Benazir Bhutto. I just hope we’re making it clear to kids who they should and should not look up to, I don’t mind the variety I just hope there’s enough editorial comment for young minds.

Throw in the fact that they are reported to be pushing Katie Couric out, although I’ve seen reports that both CBS and Couric deny that story.

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