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Penn & Teller: Bullshit – the War on Drugs

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In three parts:

I had to post these, one of the best 30-minute guides to one of the greatest wastes of money and resources (human and capital) our country has seen in its 221 year history. It needs to change. It will change in our lifetime, it’s a matter of youth growing up and coming to senses. They will be more scientific, healthier and better at solving problems. Or so we hope, the problem is finding people to teach them such great ideas.

Check out this great interview with former Reagan administration economist Milton Friedman on the costs of the War on Drugs and his concept of the “dangers” associated with legalization. He draws the link to prohibition as well, simply put it’s hard to grow up reading about alcohol prohibition (18th & 21st Amendments) and not believe that at least pot should be legalized and other drugs should be reconsidered.

Think about this: our Air Force pilots, truckers and construction workers regularly employ amphetamines of some kind (just not meth), yet the stuff people make illegally is extremely dangerous. The idea is that, like with moonshine, the home-brews can be more harmful and having things legalized, standardized, regulated and sin taxed always helps everyone, even those who don’t use the goods. In some states, up to $1.00 of the cost of a pack of cigarettes goes directly to early childhood education in the state. This is another way society can benefit from people choosing to engage in something equally or less harmful than alcohol or tobacco.  

Also, check out the Penn & Teller Bullshit blog for more brutal honesty. Also, here’s one article by a candidate who understands the gross injustices and social problems created by a ‘War on Drugs’. And be sure to check out Libertarian candidates in your district.

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  1. I noticed you are a pretty big fan of Penn & Teller, so am I. They actually started a blog of their thoughts on the new season of Bullshit! as well as some deleted scenes. They already posted some great stuff from the “War on Porn” episode.


    I particularly enjoyed the Mother/Daughter interview at the porn convention. Heartwarming…


    June 26, 2008 at 8:14 am

  2. Hey sweet! Thanks a ton for the head’s up, and for the comment. I’ve been oblivious lately so I would have never known about the blog.


    July 9, 2008 at 1:09 pm

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