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Isn’t this the EXACT opposite of interviews with the current President?

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AP Chairman Dean Singleton makes the ultimate faux pas of late, confusing a political candidate with a known enemy of the United States. Much the same as when former Attorney General John Ashcroft made a similar slip, Singleton immediately seemed to understand his mistake. It was nothing more than a slip of the tongue, with absolutely nothing else to read into it, but there is much more offered to this country in this short clip. Barack Obama’s reaction to an arguably offensive slip was so graceful it truly gives one believe that a sea-change is imminent.

I am coming to a good comfort level with all three candidates. After I said to myself in 2000, “I’ll vote for McCain for sure if he runs for President again”; after I’ve been an avid reader of anything associated with the Clintons – positive or negative – my entire adult life; after I’ve witnessed a truly historic figure rise to prominence in the way that Dr. King took the helm of the SCLC at the age of 26, I just want my country to move in a new direction. To once again be the leaders of the free world, where progress is born. I want this nation to be a true beacon of prosperity for the future, not simply what those stuck in the twentieth century would like to emulate. Is America truly in the 21st century?


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