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McCain committed to Iraq, not terrorism- and other silly gaffes

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Something I probably say less on this blog and more in daily conversation is that I truly do like John McCain as a theoretical presidential candidate, a senator and as a human being. In 2000 I told a lot of people if he ever ran again he’d have my vote, but I really had to rethink that as the race shaped up. I just cannot look at this election and think there’s any way he’s the best choice. Gaffes like this one exposed recently by the Army Times, are just too much for me to believe this man is capable of holding the highest office in the land. He would really be ideal as a VP choice had one of the other Republicans won the nomination.

It’s just ridiculous that he would be that confused as a military man. He wouldn’t own up to the decision to shift our focus to the person we know to be directly responsible for 9/11. As president, he should be able to make those decisions, or at the very least know who to defer to – now who is this Commander-in-Chief, guy?

Gaffes include-

  • voting against the Martin Luther King, Jr. holiday, it was 1983 but that’s hardly an excuse.

As a former debater, I’d love for someone to go line-by-line with that and make sense of it all. The more I warm back up to Senator McCain, the better my overall mood for the election. I would only ask that you cite sources and explain reasoning. This is my biggest issue with Senator McCain and his approach to the presidency:


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  1. […] beyond the perception of McCain’s foreign policy “knowledge” what one sees is a strange string of confusions and gaffes, commonly made errors in a subject that many suggest should be well within McCain’s […]

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