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A long overdue music post

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Here is a compilation of tunes I’ve been enjoying as of late. Some are new, some are classics reinvented by current events. I’ll make every effort to get every link perfect and keep all songs free, but some may be too good to avoid leaving you to buy or listen online. There’s no general theme for this one, just a list of music to expand your mental.

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  1. SumKid – Puddn’head : This is one of my favorite new emcees. He’s got a flow that makes you nod your head and a vocabulary that doesn’t make educated folk cringe. The song title drew me in, the beat hooked me and the flow slowly tied me to my chair.
  2. Glenn Case – I am the President of the Sony Entertainment Corp. Ltd. : This song is infectious and poppy in the perfect way, anti-pop. Glenn is somewhat of a legend on the 61, but a truly great musician and an awesome person in general. This is definitely one of my favorites on the whole site.
  3. The Gin Riots – El Torro : This song reminds me of high school and the first day I heard Ted Leo & the Pharmacists at once. It’s upbeat yet raw and gritty, it even gets borderline pretty at times. This song is well worth the spot on a mixtape.
  4. Lightwires – Can We Go Back : This song grows on me more with each listen. The layers of sound give this song a simple feel without being at all boring. Sometimes it’s the space between sounds we remember most.
  5. Stab the Matador – Doctor : Stab the Matador reminds me of Paramedic, the band Zach Clancy played drums with in LA. Indie-prog rock in the vain of No Knife and the Mars Volta. The change here is a clear and simple voice that doesn’t take away from the music like Cedric from the Mars Volta. It may not be for everyone, but give it a listen, it may be for you.
  6. Kina Grannis – I Know Who Took the Milk and Cookies : An old-timey sounding folk sound with a Christmas bend, and a beautiful sound for those moments that don’t need a thumping core. Her voice is also pretty amazing. She sounds closer to the listener, not like many female vocalists these days. She even reminds me of a young Joni Mitchell at times.
  7. sweetie – Building : A building indie rock song for any fan of Snow Patrol, but don’t let that steer you away. This song actually has substance, unlike some songs with sparsely scattered lyrics and a building sound. I don’t know much of sweetie, but I’d like to hear more.
  8. Joe Cang – Blackbird (originally by the Beatles) : Few covers really catch me and keep me, and even fewer Beatles covers make the cut. Having said that, this jazzy version of Blackbird is a great song and actually yields a cover worth listening to, over and over.
  9. Philadelphia Slick – Culture Industry : Philadelphia Slick is a lyrical emcee in the vain of Talib Kweli and Mos Def. I’m surprised he hasn’t blown up to some extent, there’s everything to love about his beats and flow. Unless you truly just loathe the genre, this is a great song for a broad swath of people.
  10. Zuba – Money : Zuba is quickly becoming my favorite reggae band, although I am hearing they have broken up. They remind me of Jimmy Buffett and the Coral Reefer Band in many ways. If they could get the kind of backing Buffett has, I have no doubt they could put on just as exciting a show for young and old. They have a great library of songs to check out.
  11. Ve – I’ve got a Song : This sounds like the soundtrack to the part of a movie where a good person does a bad thing, or a bad person does a good thing. Either way this song is soft and catchy. It does have some Enya qualities I’m not entirely comfortable with, but for this compilation, I’ve got this Song.
  12. Delightful Young Man – I’m Happy With What You Are : This is just a soft, almost sway-inducing song with a solid guitar line and an oddball array of female and male vocals. The final product is a great change-up from the over produced crap coming out these days.
  13. Dust & Blood – Cops Kiss & Drool : I almost held this song out, not because it’s not as good, but because it’s a genre I don’t always like. It’s worth it, good song in that hard rock vain. Don’t worry, it’s not Nickelback.
  14. birdlips – magicfish : Infectious is the word I would use to describe this gem. I really like it, can’t stop listening. It always puts me in a good mood, unless I’m in a Glassjaw mood.
  15. YACHT – So Post All ‘Em : An instrumental track by one of my favorite electronic artists. He’s from Portland, Oregon and has collaborated with the Blow, another personal favorite. Check her out as well if you haven’t already.
  16. WALE – W.A.L.E.D.A.N.C.E. : This guy reminds me of one of my old students in his vocal patterns. Great flow and some interesting beats (and fun samples). This is one of the more popular songs in the history of theSixtyOne.
  17. McClain – Central Park : A slow folky song with a Joshua Radin meets Iron & Wine feel. Soothing as far as songs go, and a good one for the ladies.
  18. BEARBOT – Quality Style (Remix) : What might as well be an instrumental track is good for backgrounds and an energetic break in your day. Most of my playlists are played while I’m trying to get other things done, and this song is a good motivator.
  19. Dan the Automator – Relaxation Spa Treatment : An instrumental from my hero of beats, Dan the Automator. The guy who brought me such gems as Deltron 3030, Gorillaz and Handsome Boy Modeling School. This track holds it’s own water, but needs a vocalist to tear it apart. I recommend Mf Doom!
  20. L.JULIUS – Yesterday : This is almost an Usher-esque song, but I like the feel and it’s calm nature. Everything sounds pretty crisp and the lyrics aren’t terrible. Not everyone will like this, but it’s a good slow jam in my opinion.

That’s all I’ve got. I’ll try to keep more up to date with music as a topic on here. I may also try to evolve and organize the site better. We’ll see…


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