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1000 veteran suicide attempts per month in 2007

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Is this how we support our troops?  Slap on the yellow ribbon magnet and off we go?  Ignoring their medical bills and the horrors they face in Iraq and Afghanistan on a daily basis hardly seems like supporting the troops. Claiming there were 790 suicide attempts among veterans last year, when the actual number was closer to 12,000 is simply reprehensible coming directly from the Veteran’s Affairs office.

300,000 with clinical depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.  You think this war is supporting any troop or human being anywhere?  Just who is being served?  Just who is being supported? 

Paul Reickhoff said on Countdown today that the average claim at a Veteran’s Affairs hospital takes 183 days.  Without insurance, I have a better response time than that.  These statistics are not only shocking, they really bring me pause.  The cover-up effort at the Veteran’s Affairs office by Dr. Ira Katz was only more reason we truly need a more honest executive in the White House, and ultimately a transparent government.

History will not judge this administration kindly.


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