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God bless the rich elitist, screw the poor and bitter

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After drawing meaning from bowling scores, Reverend Wright and the manufactured distraction of the “bitter” remarks, this crap better blow up the same way. If it doesn’t get the same kind of media analysis and speculation as those situations, there’s something disgustingly wrong with our media. They already spin things to no end, but at least the truth can be found. Not nit-picking this comment to death for a month or two would be the most hypocritical thing imaginable. This isn’t something people can stretch into sounding elitist, this comment is a revelation about Senator Clinton’s true feelings of privilege.

Tell me, Senator Clinton, what do poor people deserve? Could you build us some nice, shiny new prisons? And by that I mean, can you use our tax dollars (from the 90% of us who cannot claim we’re rich) to build them for us?

So now Hillary Clinton is a confirmed liar — having lied on a job application — and a true elitist believing those who are rich are also all deserving as a result. If the average poor man lied on their resume or job application, they’d be fired and could be forced to pay back earnings. If a deserving rich, white woman running for president repeatedly lies on her application they call it a “gaffe” and move on. I’m sorry, lying was something I learned to avoid when I was incredibly young. This is on par with forgetting how to spell your own name.

I’ll keep an eye on the coverage over the next few days. I’m shocked that a day later I’ve hardly heard a peep about this, even from mainstream sources accused of being “far-left”. If anyone sees coverage or has a link, please share in the comments.

DailyKos has a good blog with the video and a bit about Howard Wolfson’s response. He tries to cover it up by saying she said “God blessed us.” Oh, that makes it all better. God loves rich people, and thus, must not love poor people. Right? If that’s her campaign’s damage control, it only digs the hole deeper.

And I almost forgot to link back to the original article at TheZoo, where I first heard about this story and watched the video. After watching the context, it’s not hard to see what she was trying to do. She was trying to assuage wealthy people, as her campaign is seen as “populist” because talking heads like Rush and Hannity label it that way.


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