Feet on the ground – head in the clouds.

What America’s pulse thinks of wars:

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“Sixteen military wives. Thirty-two softly focused, brightly colored eyes. Staring at the natural tan of thirty-two gently clenching, wrinkled little hands.” When people talk about attacks on the modern family, here’s an unnecessary one.

Two generations can virtually sing the same the anthem in unison. It’s not a happy anthem. It’s still one of hope. But it takes votes to turn hope into reality.

We’ve never, ever been cool with it…

This song would get labeled populist or socialist if played today. Sean Hannity would tear it apart. He’d say this land is made for the smart, strong and wealthy.

It feels like “we” make these mistakes, but “we” also hate it all. People wonder why I’m pessimistic and I ask them if they took a history class.

One of the timeless questions. A sad one, as well.

A song about fighting for good causes, like never having to fight again.

One of the most offensively anti-war songs out there. It’s not sugar-coating anything. Even 30 years after it was new, it can still turn a head for daring.

A poem about the things you’ll see in a war-filled world, by the American poet himself.

One generation may decide not to fight it’s parents wars. Or we will have war in perpetuity.


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