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Barack Obama is giving Republicans a reason to roam

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This comment was posted on a recent article from the Cafferty File.  

Judy from Dodge City writes:
Jack, what’s changed is my perception of the Republican party. I was raised by staunch Republicans and have never voted any other way … until this year. I’m through. Finished. The situation has become untenable. Forgive me if I sound harsh, but there isn’t a snowball’s chance that I’d vote for John McCain. And Hillary gets on my last nerve. Barack Obama represents hope for the future, and I could very easily listen to him talk for the next eight years.

I’m from very near here, and a good friend of mine has a mess of relatives in Dodge City (home of Boot Hill, but never the hatchet).  The thing that stuck with me about this comment is just how generic it sounds.  Not saying Judy’s comments were generic, but I’ve heard things like this a lot coming from that area (SW Kansas) over the last month or two.  It’s the lack of accountability.  The handling of the war and economy are equal disasters, impossible for most Americans to ignore.  

A caller to a radio show on my way home wondered how these polls were somehow showing a close contest between John McCain and either Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton.  He worked in a large business where politics is a frequent topic of water-cooler chatter.  At this point in the election, he says the people who were gung-ho for George W. Bush are not interested in the McCain campaign.  

My point is that the people seem to see this election as the old Republican vs. the old Democrat with a true third candidate is available.  Obama just seems to be less interested in politics and more interested in problem-solving.  People recognize he’s not slinging mud and engaging in the annoying side of politics and it’s turning people on to voting.


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