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Cindy McCain – was she funding genocide, or is she helping to stop it?

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A recent AP article describing the mutual fund sale of $2 million in oil-related companies operating in Sudan by Cindy McCain. The information actually came from a McCain campaign spokesperson, which I take to mean it is relevant for public consumption of the entire picture of all three candidates. We can discuss acquaintances, pastors, spouses and certainly investments in order to find out what kind of character will lead our nation. This sale led me to some digging, where this Reuters article on a possible cure for the genocide going down in the Darfur region of Sudan offered a chance to split my perspective.

Cindy McCain sells funds, ceasing her investment in a company doing business in Sudan. Was she funding the genocide, or is she now helping to stop it? Or both? Possibly, the answer is that her investment was in fact helping to fund militant groups responsible for murder, rape and torture at alarming rates and that pulling support does remove her influence from the conflict. Her husband, however, would have a larger responsibility in this region if he were to be confirmed by the people this November 4th.


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