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I sure wish John McCain would support the troops, I have friends DYING for an education

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This is not uncommon.  This is how the current administration is treating the troops, and how Senator McCain will continue to treat them if he is elected.  He’s already contended that giving education benefits to soldiers who serve the country for only two years would hurt the military by decreasing retention.  This is already more disgusting than the Vietnam War.  Coming from Iraq, 60% of soldiers return with clinical depression or post-traumatic stress disorder.  People I know, people you know, four thousand of them — gone.  But still worse is that those who return are not the same as well.  A depressed generation, guilty of doing nothing but serving their country. 

The fascinating thing that always struck me about the Cold War was how ill-defined it was.  It was hot, but it was a series of proxy wars.  And when you look at the puppeteering, and the arming of militants to combat Soviet-backed militants in places like Afghanistan, you understand that Jeremy Glick is both directly affected by 9/11 and informed about the entire history of the situation.

See also:  Iran Contra, Iraq-Iran War, Taliban history
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