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Kucinich: Impeach Bush, uphold the Constitution (where the hell is the media?)

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They continue to mention the proposed windfall tax on oil companies in the Senate, but haven’t yet mentioned the introduction of Articles of Impeachment against President Bush in the House of Representatives. Do they need a map of the Beltway? It’s not like they’d need to travel far.

Is this the same media that made every marital misstep of President Clinton a national story for months? I’m not saying he shouldn’t necessarily be judged at some point, but maybe in a book — or if you’re religious, by God — and not in a media that should for the benefit of the people. It’s more like the media that allowed a Pentagon-planted propaganda campaign to lead us into a false war of aggression. The Founding Fathers would have loved the internet in its current state, free enough to matter and alert enough to call shenanigans on corruption.


Check out Raw Story for more video and a PDF link for the entire Articles of Impeachment.

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