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If you like 26-year-olds being able to retire, then you love the 15% capital gains tax. If I have extra money and put it in the market to make more money, I pay that 15%. If I work my ass off 60-hours a week in a warehouse, I’m paying around 30%. That’s pretty awesome, huh? And truly, why are we taxing work (something we want people to do) at all?

If you’re investing in your retirement properly, capital gains taxes will not affect your retirement at all. Not to mention the fact that most people really struggling with retirement aren’t pretentiously bitching about capital gains taxes, they are worried about stretching a social security check. There are worse things than losing your Maserati.

Most people in America, at or around age 65 are forced into retirement. This is common practice, and perfectly acceptable in modern business. Maybe it is a good idea, but if we’re doing anything at all we should at least apply the rule to everyone. So I guess the question is…why do we allow people well past our own working age to run for the highest office in the land, if they’re no longer fit to work for the United States Postal Service? How can we have a commander-in-chief well past retirement age for our Army officers?


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