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A dream ticket to ride…

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Barack Obama – President

When we elect the president this time around, we’re choosing between two distinct directions our nation will head. Only one of those offers a different choice than the status quo by the same means. Prior elections have often felt like choosing between the lesser of two evils. People who could have cared less in the past are now excited about the idea that someday someone in the White House will listen. We know they listen to money and lobbyists now, and it’s getting tired.

Ron Paul – Vice President

In a drastic move, Obama chooses a libertarian-leaning Republican for his ticket. This would never happen, but in my dream ticket, Paul joins Obama on the campaign and begins a new message: Compromise. The nation was built on two very difficult compromises, and stands today in part because change — however slow — keeps this nation great. Ron Paul has challenged both Senator Obama and Senator McCain about many issues, and agrees with both on a few. He would not balk at the chance to actually make an impact.

Al Gore – Department of Energy Secretary

Many people challenge Gore’s ties to green energy companies. Then go fill their vehicle with gas, while our administration is run by oil men. This decision would be hard to push, and would encounter lots of resistance but I think it’s best. Gore brings intellectualism back to the White House. We’ve been led to believe that “educated elites” are controlling the country. This isn’t true, elites with an “education” are in control, and they are not in academia. Research is judged by it’s own scientific discipline and community, not by foolish politicians and groups fighting progress.

Janet Napolitano – Department of Labor Secretary

She understands the need to bring jobs, train competitive workers and power our own economy. She wouldn’t oversee tax breaks being given to companies shipping jobs overseas, but would understand the role of comprehensive immigration reform on labor.  She who wouldn’t ignore the role of some businesses in giving jobs to undocumented workers and sending our unemployment higher.  Time Magazine has called her one of the five best governors in the nation, and jobs are her specialty.

Hillary Clinton – Department of Health & Human Services Secretary

Some might scoff at this position for the former Democratic candidate and near-nominee, but this is where she could make her mark, and prime herself with an accomplishment that would help her in future elections. It is from this post that she could best use her desire to bring quality, affordable health care to all Americans. With such a team, these individual projects would also be far more likely to connect. The Bush administration has given the playbook for a bombardment strategy. After being used to destroy our economy, morale and national health we can now use the same strategy to repair.

Mitt Romney – Department of Commerce Secretary

This would be another highly controversial and has zero likelihood, but again the incentive to Romney is the chance to accomplish something in a post-partisan administration and the Obama administration gains one hell of a business leader. Romney has proven himself as a solid economic executive in the business sector and at the state level. He’s also worked with the likes of Senator Edward Kennedy in Massachusetts to implement a statewide health insurance initiative. That program had its critics, but he certainly proved he does care about health and can work with everyone.

Wesley Clark – Department of Defense Secretary

Service, experience, commitment to getting American troops home safely and keeping us safe. There’s also nobody who would question his patriotism and should beware of such slimy attacks on an administration of which he’d be a part. It’s a smart political move and sends a strong message that the American people will be safe with a President Obama.

Bill Richardson – Secretary of the State Department

A former ambassador, and a strong leader in diplomacy and fearless engagement with our enemies would be perfect for this administration. His experience during the Clinton administration also helps his recognition around the world. He’s also not going to roll over and become a puppet like a certain past Secretary of State.

(ask Ron Paul) – Department of Education Secretary

Fifty departments of education in each state should compete. American competition will save our schools. Stop trying to push nonsense like school choice (tax incentives for those who can already afford private schools) and standardized testing. Until learning environments and school resources are standardized, stop trying to standardize the tests.

John Edwards – Special committee chairman to eliminate poverty.

As the pet project of Edwards and his wife, Elizabeth for quite some time, this position is tailor-fit for the pair. They ooze a bit of hypocrisy with their own lifestyles, but their intentions could be judged in two years and I believe that until Edwards is given a shot, it’s rude to judge them as hypocrites. His post would entail getting into the root causes of poverty and have a war on something that actually cripples America. Rather than throwing money into welfare, Edwards will work with other departments to promote job growth and bolster local law enforcement.


Of course, after this announcement all of these people would join each other on state and candidly talk about some things they agree with and disagree with in the others’ politics, but in a way that emphasizes the new campaign message ‘Compromise’. The team would then each have a final word on what they believe will be the cornerstone of their presence in the administration and what the American people can expect from them. It wouldn’t hurt for us to get to know the depth of the administration you wish to appoint to lead this nation back to prosperity.

If you read this with the intent of criticism, that’s fine, but please keep your comments in the nature of debate.



3 Responses

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  1. If Obama keeps up his lying he will not be elected!


    June 12, 2008 at 4:45 pm

  2. What a great post and great ideas.


    June 12, 2008 at 4:53 pm

  3. http://goesdownbitter.wordpress.com/2008/06/12/breaking-the-army/

    Thought you might be interested in this new post.


    June 12, 2008 at 5:10 pm

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