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Stark contrast in responsibility, popularity for McCain

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Jon Taplin had a great post that kind of epitomizes two of the key arguments that have been kicked around early in the general election season.  

First, the lavish lifestyle the McCains live show a stark contrast to the image they try to present.  They are not like the common family. They don’t identify fully, even with their peers in the military and education community.  

Second, John McCain is less fiscally responsible in his personal life than Barack Obama.  Given his lack of an heiress wife, Obama’s actually doing more with less than John McCain, who has never experienced a decade working two jobs to pay back student loans while raising children.  One could argue what McCain experienced was far worse, but I’d argue what Obama experienced was far more common and therefore identifies with more people.  This is further supported by the book royalties for the two candidates in the last year:  $4 million from two books for Obama, compared to less than $200,000 for McCain.

Interesting, to say the least. However the media frames the “working-class” seems to miss the boat with issues like this, where I know more people working their ass off to pay off student loans, to pay for school as they go, to pay for daycare so they can attend school, to pay for college even after they return from Iraq because the GI Bill is outdated, to barely pay their bills and never even have a shred of hope at attending college. I know very few husbands of heiresses. Granted, I know no heiress. I know some people who have been wealthy and healthy all their lives, but only because the lived a frugal, fiscally conservative lifestyle.


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  1. Sam Walton and Warren Buffet come to mind. The Bitter Hinterlands has no problem with being rich, but to claim affinity with the poor, sorry, most rich people think the poor are something they scrape off the bottom of their designer shoes.


    June 19, 2008 at 6:16 am

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