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The Flip-Flop Express

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Senator McCain seems to believe he’ll safely and quickly bring gas and fuel prices down by drilling off the coast of Florida.

Safety: The technology is safer, but safer and safe are not the same thing. There were over 80 reported spills during Hurricane Katrina. This is like thinking your clothes are still clean if you only got a little barbecue sauce on them.

Economy: It will take anywhere from 10 to 30 years to actually see any economic benefit or increase in supply of oil. You will see nothing from this. Oil companies will.

This explains why today President Bush announces his support for opening the same areas to drilling. After leaving office, you can bet your ass George Bush will again be soaked in Big Oil. His Dick, Cheney too.

What about this: There are tons of land-based drilling contracts that oil companies are not acting upon. It’s cheaper, safer and easier to drill on land. But if those three factors are true of the process, then the prices and profits are not nearly as high. They don’t drill until the prices are high. The solution is to use other sources. Don’t think so much of gas pricing for cars just yet, think of all the other sources we can replace. To ease the demand on gasoline but also lower the costs of other sources of energy first. When other sources are cheaper than oil, we’ll see people switch with no public policy necessary.

Every public building rooftop in sunny America should be covered in photovoltaic cells, allowing infrastructure to become our power plants. A similar experiment in Los Angeles actually was able to power nearly 150,000 homes and will begin new projects to power more. This doesn’t immediately address gas prices, but energy becomes cheaper, and conversion research carries a stronger incentive.

This is just a farce to help our current administration stay rich and above-the-law after leaving office. Reject this nonsense, the American people — not oil companies — solve our own problems.

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  1. I haven’t heard any oil companies jump on the drill, drill, drill bandwagon. You know why? Because they think this is an oil bubble and that the Fed will have to raise rates to counter the rising inflation and when the dollar strengthens, the price of crude will tumble.

    The political folly of this is seen when Gov. Schwarzenegger said no way and Gov. Crist flip-flopped and is going against his party and the citizens of Florida is supporting off-shore drilling.

    It’s the same tired pandering to fear and we are sick of it.


    June 19, 2008 at 6:14 am

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