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Anticipation and Wishful Thinking: the Veepstakes

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I realized it was the day of the text that will surely be read around the world and decided to post something short just to get back into the swing of writing after a long hiatus. Here we go:

My tactical side hopes he chooses Hillary Clinton. Let’s face it, she’s a political machine and I’m certain one day she will play the Terminator. She’s sure to get things done but will bring more heat from on-the-fence “hope” voters while rallying the Republican base. All-in-all I think if this is the pick, there’s no way the Democrats can lose this election. The name Clinton is all someone with an empty wallet needs in the end.

My wishful side hopes for an Obama-Clark ticket, with the retired 4-star General Wesley Clark solidifying any notions of Obama being weak on terror, while further legitimizing the notion that Iraq is the wrong front and we’ve already declared Mission Accomplished. Senator McCain has agreed with this on several occasions so honestly it’s hard to argue he wants to retreat without victory. He wants to take the victory home after 5 years of a diversion from the real enemy at hand.

My Kansas background hopes for Chuck Hagel, Republican from Nebraska although it poses serious problems both in terms of security and in maintaining the more left-leaning votes. I just kind of love this theoretical combination and wish it were possible in a real-world scenario.

My inner comedy fan wishes for an Obama-Richardson ticket. Bill Richardson has governed a border state and has foreign relations expertise. Both the power and presence of this administration would be good for America. Both men are driven and principled with separate pet issues that align nicely, and as Dave Chapelle put it — it would be sure to keep a President Obama safe.

But my inner-pragmatist believes the choice will be Senator Joe Biden of Delaware. He is both capable of going after the Republicans and providing some foreign policy credentials to the ticket. I don’t know that military expertise is something Obama should chase anyway, because if military experience is the voting issue, McCain is going to win every time. However justified, John McCain has been entreanched as an American hero and pop icon for “maverick” politics. So Obama-Biden it is, and you’ll soon see some harsh, yet calculated words from the new number two for Senator McCain as well as many talking heads in the media, who spew and perpetuate lies without correction or remorse.


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