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Sarah Palin wants to know how to go about banning books

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An excellent diary over at the DailyKos details some of the new VP nominee’s ideas on the First Amendment. Not only does she have no concept of history in general but she clearly has even less understanding of the Framers’ intent. Banning books is about the closest anyone can come to outright declaring their desire to control thought.

My bet: Sarah Palin resigns from the ticket by this Saturday, citing her family and a need to be a good mother/grandmother. The McCain campaign will act shocked and as if they aren’t glad to get rid of this albatross, but ultimately will name Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal as her replacement. History will still be at stake, as Gov. Jindal’s parents are Indian immigrants. He’s a natural choice, considering the profile of Hurricane Gustav and the great job Jindal has done handling the situation.

Or was this deliberate? Is she John McCain’s Harriet Myers? Someone abrasive who makes it easier to swallow McCain/Lieberman or perhaps even McCain/Romney.

I thought I’d link this Sarah Palin Digest here, it’s a great place to see everything we know about this “reformer”. Props to ThinkProgress for the great reporting.


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