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John McCain really hates Mitt Romney

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Or at least he must, considering he’s picked a VP nominee who is the polar opposite of Romney in everyway. Yes they are both deeply religious, but any cursory study of the current LDS church compared with examples from Palin’s “Preachergate” issue shows they approach their faith in public life very differently.

Mitt Romney seemed to at least feign interest in living by the religious doctrine he supports by actually acting as if he is his brother’s keeper. He worked with Ted Kennedy to ensure everyone in Massachusetts has access to health care, as should be the standard everywhere. Romney was instrumental in making the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City go off without a hitch. He’s also lead major companies to record profits, rather than leaving them worse-off than before he arrived.

Now comes news that Sarah Palin couldn’t even keep a car wash in business. Alaska doesn’t seem to be the greatest place to try a car wash business, but she must have seen a market I do not. Either way, failure due to bad business practice or just not having a market she isn’t proving her business savvy. Not that business savvy and a grasp of the economy go hand-in-hand, but it’s definitely not a good indicator for the “help” on a ticket that needs to comfort people economically.

It’s now Wednesday and I have already said, by Saturday she’ll be off the ticket. At this point I am guessing tonight is the night or maybe it won’t happen at all. Personally, as someone who doesn’t want to see John McCain near any red buttons I’d rather she stay on the ticket. She’s an albatross. We’ve found someone with the ruthlessness and shrewdness of Senator McCain without the military and service record. All it does is allow for more attacks on that line of thinking, without the natural retort of “he was a P.O.W.”


Written by unastronaut

September 3, 2008 at 8:27 am

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