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Sarah Palin’s big night: an Obama supporter’s perspective

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Aside from jumping the gun on the experience argument, it seems the Republicans have also jumped the gun on the ‘rock star’ attacks.  Governor Palin’s introduction, even truncated by Rudy Guiliani’s mindless diatribe was far more than we’ve seen even at Invesco Field Mile High for Barack Obama.  Once the dust settled Sarah Palin settled nicely into her politician shoes.

At the first mention of Country First I realized just what this whole convention is all about:  pointing out that Barack Obama didn’t serve in the military.  It’s interesting, John McCain never did any community organizing in a rough neighborhood.  Neither did Sarah Palin for that matter, but we don’t make that argument because every experience is different.  But it’s all experience.  Sarah Palin has indeed had experience.  And it is her record that I believe makes her an inept leader and an absolute equal to President Bush in terms of political ego.  She’s proven she’s absolutely ruthless, which is a good thing I suppose.  She doesn’t seem to be ruthless in fighting FOR the average American, something Senator Clinton always showed the people.

Getting back to the speech one of the best points she’s made so far is that parents and families of special needs children will have an advocate if they are in the White House.  That’s quite nice, but are we honestly to believe that Obama wouldn’t be a good president for those families?  It’s still a good point to be made.  

Again we hear emphasis that people are “always proud of America.”  I wonder if McCain and Palin didn’t catch Obama’s acceptance speech where he broke the news that “We all love America.”  This argument is getting so tired and annoying and I’d really wish the Republicans had something better this year.

She brags about not needing focus groups or voter profiles when she ran for city council because she “knew these people”, but I wonder what kind of person would need focus groups for a town of 5,000?  Claiming a Mayor is sort of like a community organizer is probably a good argument.  Saying the only difference is that you have real responsibility is not only below the belt, but pathetic.  Think about the people who depended on Obama in Chicago versus the people who depended on Palin in Wasilia.  I don’t think there was even remotely similar levels of “need” or real responsibility, as Gov. Palin states.  

I’ll have to admit she is convincing when she says that her job is to challenge the status quo.  This would be good change for America, and I believe that a McCain administration would do some positive things.  Their opposition to earmarks (even with Palin soliciting $27 million for Wasilia) would be a welcome change in Washington.  Getting rid of the luxury jet (if true) is a great gesture as well.  The lofty rhetoric of this year’s Republican nominees better be backed up in the unlikely event they are elected.

Much of the resume padding she does flies in the face of her reputation in the state for taking credit for ideas she even remotely touched.  Again she insists she opposed the Bridge to Nowhere — at what point will anyone actually call her on this to her face?  It’s a lie, at least saying you changed your mind is true.  

After her “reform” resume, she goes on to speak about international issues.  She makes references to Russia and Iran but nobody would buy that she’s doing any more than referring to something she’s learned in the last week.  It’s great that she can study, but she still couldn’t deal with Putin or Ahmadinejad.  Of course when we talk about the Middle East we instantly should start lobbying for the raping of Alaska’s resources and drilling along the coastline.  Yawn.

Her attack on Barack Obama “not offering any major laws” is absolute bullshit and utterly ridiculous that she gets away with making claims like that.  Obama has co-authored two landmark pieces of legislation, working across the aisle both times.  It’s clear now that the Republicans will never do much more than lie about Obama’s record and hope nobody does any research.  I hope they aren’t right.

We get a string of boo-lines out of the same Republican talking points we’ve heard all season just because they are from a new face.  Nothing unexpected, but nothing classy either.  The tax attacks were all spurious and unsubstantiated, but then again…same old tired talking points.  “Tax and spend liberals”, but really it’s going to be easy to spend less when you don’t have an Empire to build.  Obama really needs to hit taxes hard and just be stupidly clear.  This is the one issue where he truly does win with 90% of the American people if they would just look at the facts.

Higher or Lower Taxes?

Higher or Lower Taxes?

The reformer and maverick image of John McCain was once to be admired, I’ve never disputed that.  What I can’t see is how so many people haven’t noticed the disgusting shift in his character and politics. 

“The wisdom that comes even to the captives by the grace of God.”  I just had to write that quote and look at it again.  What?!  I mean, at first I was really drawn in by where she was going until she dropped that gem of a sentence.  I mean, it sounds pretty but what on earth is she even saying?  We hear more (although they are good stories) about McCain’s experience as a former POW, because it’s documentary week at the RNC.

Most of this speech was purely the expected.  She pulled me in at times, but most of the speech itself wasn’t entirely useful.  Typical talking points, some ad hominem attacks, some “elite” remarks in front of the whitest crowd since Nazi Germany but absolutely nothing to show she’s more than a gimmick.  She did a lot to prove the experience she’s had could have been valuable but her record during that time speaks for itself.  She’s been more of a dictator than a reformer.


Written by unastronaut

September 3, 2008 at 8:16 pm

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