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McCain and Palin make for some GREAT reading

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I am particularly enjoying the great journalism going on over at ThinkProgress.  The entire rack is great right now, and I’m pretty lacking on extra opinion and analysis after watching John McCain’s acceptance speech.  I’ll say the speech was impressive, but still won’t help 95% of Americans.  Mostly I don’t have any faith that John McCain would actually be in charge for four years, under a variety of circumstances, and I see Sarah Palin as George W. Bush on steroids.

  • First we have her support of the Road to Nowhere, on top of the Bridge to Nowhere she loves to lie about.
  • Then we get acquainted with the inadequately staffed Alaska National Guard, thanks Governor Palin for stretching your resume.  We knew you didn’t ‘lead’ anyone, but you probably could have assisted.
  • The sharp responses from community organizers and related organizations to Sarah Palin’s morally repugnant attack was an especially great piece.  I was very curious to see how this group responded, considering they are responsible for nearly every major positive change in the history of our nation.  There are as many people in the community Barack Obama was organizing as Wasilla, and more in Chicago than Alaska.
  • We see more of the religious right flip-flopping (as they must) to support Palin after claiming leaving the home was “in pursuit of false hopes and fading illusions.”
  • There is yet another Republican calling Barack Obama “uppity” and “elite”.  Again, it is the most pathetic of all attacks.  If you live near Representative Westmoreland, please do what I’d do.
  • Mitt Romney, a humble man who just happens to own four homes takes a shot at Al Gore for a non-existent private jet.  Research Mitt, it’s your friend.
  • It’s always nice to see the McCain advisors making things up as a defense to their candidate’s lack of interest in the middle class.  It’s the one area where they can be consistent.
  • The United Steelworker’s Union president has asked Sarah Palin to stop using her husband’s association as a reason to support her.  She’s in no way prepared to address union interests, especially backing Mr. Anti-Union himself.
  • Our old buddy John Hagee once believed stay at home dads were “worse than infidels”, which is interesting considering he’s endorsed a candidate who carries a stay at home dad in the gaggle. 
  • And the absolute gem of the RNC TV barrage:  Jon Stewart being brilliant.
My thought for the night is something I heard from a caller on the radio:     

Jesus Christ was a community organizer, Pontius Pilate was a governor.

OR –

Dr. King was a community organizer, George Wallace was a governor.

 And of course I must say I’m not religious.  I don’t think Obama is “the one” a “savior” or a “messiah”.  But he’s the closest 90% of the people of this country have been to real representation in the last eight years, and the only hope we have for any respect in the next four.


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