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If it oinks like a pig and waddles like a pig…it’s the McCain campaign

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All of this recent media buzz over this state and the McCain campaign’s utterly misguided response to it should be absolutely sickening to any American who actually cares about their own future.  95% of Americans have more to lose than we already have over the last 8 years and John McCain insists on turning every day’s politics into an All-American episode of the Jerry Springer show.  His own daughter can admit she’s heard McCain himself use the phrase “lipstick on a pig” to describe the same old thing in disguise, but the surrogate and daughter of a maverick liar who believes “no one knows what war is like other than my family.  Period.”

It didn’t take much time looking to find at least once in 1993 when, referring to Hillary Clinton (specifically her health care proposal) with the same response.  I hope he had the same level of shock at his own “disgusting” remarks back when he used the common phrase.  Unless, of course, he actually understands what the phrase means and then he would shut up about the Obama campaign.  Senator McCain, when it comes to treatment of women, YOU DO NOT HAVE ROOM TO SPEAK.

McCain should know this criticism, and its distance from a gender-based attack.  Elizabeth Edwards described John McCain’s health care proposal in the exact same way to the Columbia Journalism Review in April of this year.  And just for good measure, another instance of John McCain referring to Hillary Clinton using the same language.  I’d love to see how people try to say “this is different”, but of course the mainstream media have done their usual tactless job in coverage.


Written by unastronaut

September 10, 2008 at 8:32 am

2 Responses

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  1. Is it possible that Obama was trying to kill two birds with one stone? Maybe he meant to reference Palin’s “bulldog with lipstick” claim in a subtle, “oh you misunderstood me, ;)” way?

    Either way the Obama camp had to know it would ruffle their feathers. Actually, wouldn’t it have been better for McCain-Palin if she stepped up to the plate and quipped back in the same “oh you misunderstood me ;)” way. Seems like her cup of tea. Then again, it takes all kinds.


    September 10, 2008 at 8:43 am

  2. Well, truth be told she’s crying foul for her treatment with the kid gloves while Hillary Clinton dealt with much, much more without as much complaint. Palin was also one to call Hillary’s response “whining”, which makes me wonder what Palin would objectively call her own behavior now?

    As for the two birds…I’m sure he’s looking for ways to bring this “sexist” crap to a head and show the American people she’s got no substance. Whether it proves to be effective or not is anybody’s guess. Thanks for the comment!


    September 10, 2008 at 9:00 am

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