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Sarah Palin’s interview with Charlie Gibson, apparently about Charlie Gibson

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At least that was who she seemed to focus on above all else. I’ve never seen someone so unprepared for an interview, let alone the office of the Vice President. This quote pretty much sums up her entire interview.

“We must not, Charlie, blink, Charlie, because, Charlie, as I’ve said, Charlie, before, John McCain has said, Charlie, that — and remember here, Charlie, we’re talking about John McCain, Charlie, who, Charlie, is John McCain and I won’t be blinking, Charlie.”

Maureen Dowd from the New York Times has a sharp op-ed piece on the subject. In fact, the entire Sunday NY Times this week looks to be a great read. Sarah Palin is what she is at this point. She reminds enough people of George W. Bush that I can place stock in the intelligence and learning capacity of average Americans to make a better decision in this election.

The Public Safety Commissioner who was fired by Palin is challenging her interview with Charlie Gibson, saying she lied to ABC.  What else is new?  How many times have we heard her repeat the bold lie that she said “Thanks, but no thanks” for the ‘Bridge to Nowhere’?

Here’s the equivalent of that lie in your daily life.  You have a few $1 bills in your hand and offer Sarah Palin a soda, you may say “Hey, I’m hitting up the machine, would you like a sodapop?”  Then Sarah responds “Thanks, but no thanks.”  Then she proceeds to snatch a dollar out of your hands, since you did offer a soda.  She still wants the value of your offer but will decide on her own what to do with the money.  If someone did this to you at work, how would you react?

Here’s the full transcript, which indicates where the interview was edited. I wonder when (if at all) her next interview will be?


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