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Re-examining the original argument for Roe v. Wade

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It’s actually quite simple, and I believe it plays directly in to why Democrats and Barack Obama specifically support the court’s decision. Abortions will happen, regardless of what the law says. The goal of Roe v. Wade was to make clear the conditions under which abortions should be legal, to minimize the overall number of abortions and to give women a choice. Before Roe v. Wade, this was all-too-often the choice of women in America.

This detail is often omitted from the mainstream media’s coverage of the heated debate. ProChoice.org offers a history of abortion, including back-alley abortions which were the crux of the argument against making abortion illegal. Here’s a link to the original decision, provided by FindLaw. Here’s a recent article from the Boston Globe about how we achieved a culture of pro-choice in this country and how it figures to play a role in the upcoming election. CNN has also recently published a piece on the lack of a shift in public opinion over the last 15 years and how it also plays a role in many other key issues, such as women’s rights and stem cell research. 

The Roe decision did not prompt “abortion on demand,” as many opponents of the procedure predicted it would. 

Barack Obama has repeatedly stated that his goal and aims for being pro-Choice is to reduce the overall number of abortions. Only a nut like Sean Hannity could misconstrue Obama’s words on this issue.

Nobody is pro-Abortion.  The argument is not pro-Life vs. pro-Abortion, it is simply a matter of choice. Should women have control over their own bodies? Banning abortion will not stop abortion, just as making abortion legal did not create a culture of “abortion on demand”. Personally I wouldn’t choose abortion for myself, but my own choice of life is what helps me respect a woman’s right to choose.


Written by unastronaut

September 15, 2008 at 2:28 pm

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