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Carly Fiorina doesn’t think McCain could run a corporation

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And she would know about not being able to run a corporation.  She would also know about the “problem” that Senator McCain clearly defined on the campaign trail today.  CEOs getting golden parachutes while average Americans lose their jobs.  During her time at Hewlett-Packard, Fiorina lost the company over 20,000 jobs and referred to outsourcing jobs as “rightsourcing”.  I hope you’re enjoying your $46 million severance, Carly.  While average Americans lose their homes your boss returns to one of his seven.  While average Americans hope to hang on to the health insurance they have, John McCain enjoys the benefit of three health insurance programs (VA, Senate, Medicare — he may even have a corporate plan from Cindy’s company).  The facts are being distorted and perverted by the McCain campaign as outright lies are spread with reckless abandon.  

Her original statement:

She’s opposed to golden parachutes?

Her defense of her own golden parachute:


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