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Hey Sarah Palin, I dare you to say that on Chicago’s Southside

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“John McCain is the only one who has truly fought for you.”  She loves this line.  She loves saying he doesn’t say it himself — although Lord knows he’s got it as an excuse if you ask how many houses he owns.  But I certainly doubt she’d even consider saying it in Chicago.  I’d love to see that reaction, unless the McCain campaign cherry picked the crowd — something they are notorious for doing.

The truth is, there are all kinds of ways to fight for people.  Like fighting for Charles Keating.  Fighting for Sean Parnell.  Or maybe it’s fighting for average people who have been hit hard by Republican tax cuts for the companies that sent their jobs overseas.  John McCain certainly fought for us, as did Senator Obama.  To think someone putting off Law School to help people restore jobs to a community can be scoffed at makes me wonder if anyone in the Religious Right actually paid attention to the words of Jesus, every indicator tells me they stopped after reading the Old Testament.


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